2016 BMW M8

2016 bmw m8

BMW in its catalog a car like no more than in 1981. when he sold the last of a total of 453 copies delivered to the legendary M1. Information obtained by the American automotive magazine saying that the spiritual successor to the M1 have some retro details, but the latest, modern technology BMW. Construction and body will be made of lightweight materials, such as aluminum, carbon fiber, magnesium and even titanium used in the aerospace industry, with the aim of limiting the total vehicle weight 1250 kg.


BMW’s intention to offer super-car interpreted as a desire to publicly highlight the sporty brand image is damaged somewhere atypical presentation of vehicles such as electric or hybrid models, the i3 and i8, or MPV Concept Active Tourer. Car models such as M8, considered in the company, contributed to the reputation of BMW as a manufacturer of sports and racing cars to be preserved.


It is expected that future M8 will be placed on the platform of hybrid i8 coupe, while the plant was responsible for the improved 4.4-liter TwinPower turbo petrol engine with direct injection, which is used in the BMW M5. German manufacturer’s engineers plan to enhance the existing unit at 600-650 hp, and the engine would be connected with eight speed automatic transmission with double clutch. Such a car designed for the primacy of the market to compete with models such as the Audi R8, Mercedes SLS AMG, or the recently introduced Porsche 911 Turbo.

2016 bmw m8.

About the project model M8, however, the Company reserves and there are some discrepancies. Chief Executive Officer of BMW, Norbert Roofer, is not a supporter of such a car, which according to him disturbed general course of the company and strategy for the 21st century, which includes the development of alternative fuel vehicles. On the other hand, the development of the new BMW super-car, this strongly supports the head of the sports ‘M’ class, Friedrich Nitschke. If BMW M8 definitely gets the green light, the car can be expected in showrooms 2016th , and to be judged by its price was around 250,000.

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